ASAS Alert Service

Nova Oph 2006 = ASAS 173313-2421.1 (ASAS discovery)
New Dwarf Nova in Hydra = ASAS 102522-1542.4 (ASAS discovery)
New Dwarf Nova in Cetus = ASAS 023322-1047.0 (ASAS discovery)
New Comet = C/2006 A1 (ASAS discovery)

Dear ASAS users, as of Feb 01, 2004 the ASAS data reduction pipeline started to release ALERTS on significant photometric changes of observed objects. Please note however, that system is still in its infancy and it will stay under construction for a (longer) while. Everything in its structure can change without warning.
What we can offer for a while is:

Monitor of Cataclysmic Variables - that lists latest known state of selected CVs;

New alerts - selected and verified, you can request new alert e-mails from

Released alerts - that have been posted to vsnet-alert or CBAT; see text files

Expired alerts - verified alerts that are not interesting any more

Orphaned events - verified events of unknown type

Suspected variables - suspected faint variables

Known Minor Planets ; map - detections identified with MPChecker

Comets - detections not necessary identified with CBAT/ICQ;


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Current weather over LCO.

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