The ASAS-3 system

The ASAS-3 system was installed in the 10-inch astrograph dome of the Las Campanas Observatory in August 2000.

Two wide-field telescopes, each equipped with 200/2.8 Minolta telephoto lens and 2Kx2K AP-10 CCD camera (made by Apogee Inc), cover 8.8x8.8 deg of the sky through the V and I filters.

Narrow-field telescope is F=750mm, D=250mm, F/3.3 Cassegrain-like instrument with 3-element Wyne corrector. It has the same 2Kx2K AP-10 CDD camera and I filter. FOV is 2.2x 2.2 deg, but correct PSF (FWHM < 2.5 pixels) is currently available only inside the circular field of ~1 deg radius.

In April 2002 ASAS-3 has moved, that time to the separate, custom made enclosure housing four instruments. The fourth one is a very-wide-field scope equipped with the 50 mm lens and another AP-10 camera. It features 36x26 deg. FOV and observes only a few selected fields in purpose to test instrument sensitivity for fast transient events.

This system is directly connected to the BACODINE network and is ready for immediate follow-up observations of GRB events.

Other photos:
small telescope focusing
large telescope focusing

GP 10/10/2000