Katarzyna Kruszynska

PhD student
Astronomical Observatory, University of Warsaw
Al. Ujazdowskie 4, 00-478 Warsaw, Poland
e-mail: kkruszynska (at) astrouw.edu.pl

Gaia Science Alerts Candidates Catalogue from 2016-2021

Catalogue of Candidate Events in csv form
Preliminary classes description:
PSPL, PSPL? - single lens or probably a single lens,
Par, Par? -- single lens with parallax model or probably that class,
bin, bin? -- binary lens or probably that class,
bin/par, bin/par? -- binary lens or single lens with parallax effect or probably these classes,
? -- not sure which class or if lens at all.

Visualized light curves and very, very preliminary models for events in this catalog

Candidate binary or parallax microlensing events lightcurves+preliminary models

Candidate PSPL microlensing events lightcurves+preliminary models


Astronomia II 2017/2018
Programowanie dla Astronomów I 2018/209
Programowanie dla Astronomów II 2018/019
Programowanie dla Astronomów 2019/2020
Pracownia komputerowa dla Astronomów I 2019/2020
Programowanie dla Astronomów I 2020/2021