Meteorites from Szymon's collection

Dr. Szymon Kozlowski is an assistant professor of astrophysics at the Warsaw University, Poland,
and one of the 22 founding members of the Polish Meteoritical Society (#012).

The total mass of meteorites in Szymon's collection is:
0 kg (0 lb)

Meteorites are pieces of rocks from other planets or small bodies from our Solar System, that survived their trip to Earth!
There are at least 0 such rocks in Szymon's collection (0 unique finds/falls):
0 stony (0 kg = 0 lb),  0 stony iron (0 kg = 0 lb) and  0 iron (0 kg = 0 lb),
including 0 from the Moon (0 g = 0 carats)  and 0 from the planet Mars (0 g = 0 carats).

# link meteorite name / type easy type weight (g) appearance bought from

Dr. Szymon Kozłowski has been interested in meteorites since 1992-1995. His true passion for meteoritics matured in 1994/1995 (he was 15/16 yrs old). He then ordered a 1992 meteorite catalog "Field guide of meteorites, 10th edition" by Robert Haag (with Polish translation) from Andrzej S. Pilski (for 150000 old zlotys, 15 PLN or 4 USD). He also bougth his first meteorites from Andrzej S. Pilski in Frombork on 12 August 2000. They were Dag 477, El Hammami, and Sikhote-Alin, however none of them is in his collection these days. The two meteorites that stayed the longest in his collection are Pułtusk (1.5g) and Saratov (1.8g), and were bought from Andrzej S. Pilski in Frombork on 18 August 2000.

My meteorite-related trips
Geological Museum, Orton Hall, OSU, Ohio, USA (June 2009)
Lowell Observatory, Flagstaff, Arizona, USA (May 2009)
Meteor Crater (2), Arizona, USA (May 2009)
New Concord, Ohio, USA (April 2009)
Museum of Natural History, New York, USA (August 2005)
Visiting Robert Haag, Tucson, Arizona, USA (June 2005)
Meteor Crater (1), Arizona, USA (June 2005)
Museum of Natural History (2), Berlin, Germany (September 2003)
Museum of Natural History (1), Berlin, Germany (September 2003)

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