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Pazdziernik / October 2018
02.10.2018no seminar
09.10.2018Igor Soszyński
One million variable stars from the OGLE survey
16.10.2018 Michał Michałowski
UAM Poznań
Massive stars formed in atomic hydrogen reservoirs
23.10.2018Petri Vaisanen
SAAO, South Africa
SALT and SAAO: Status and new developments
30.10.2018Matt Auger
Institute of Astronomy, University of Cambridge
A New Paradigm for Old Galaxies: How Massive Galaxies Grow
Listopad / November 2018
6.11.2018 Michał Pawlak
Variable stars in the ASAS-SN survey
13.11.2018 Ola Solarz
Search for unusual objects in AllWISE Sky Survey
20.11.2018 Lukasz Wyrzykowski
Studying the population of stellar and intermediate-mass black holes in the Galaxy and beyond
27.11.2018 Agata Karska
UMK, Toruń
Interstellar molecules as probes of star formation across environments
Grudzień / December 2018
04.12.2018 Paulina Karczmarek
Cepheid binaries in environments of different metallicities
11.12.2018 Peter McGill
University of Cambridge
Predicting microlensing events with Gaia.
18.12.2018 Zuzanna Kostrzewa-Rutkowska
Gaia Transients - status update and results from hunting for TDEs and EM counterparts to GW events.
Styczeń / January 2019
08.01.2019 Milena Ratajczak
Testing Evolutionary Models with Eclipsing Binaries
15.01.2019 Marco Antonelli
CAMK Warsaw
Pulsar glitches: the restless life of a dead star
Luty / February 2019
26.02.2019 slot available TBA
Marzec / March 2019
05.03.2019 Katarzyna Małek
NCBJ, Warsaw
170 millions of galaxies from the Herschel Extragalactic Legacy Project
12.03.2019 Agnieszka Janiuk
CFT PAN, Warszawa
Hyperaccretion and nucleosynthesis in GRB engines
19.03.2019 Radek Poleski
Ohio, USA
Ice-giant exoplanets
26.03.2019 Marcin Kiraga
Barnard's Star and its planet candidate
Kwiecień / April 2019
02.04.2019 Joanna Molenda-Żakowicz
Obserwatorium Astronomiczne Uni. Wrocławskiego
Stars and Galaxies with the Large Sky Area Multi-Object Fibre Spectroscopic Telescope (LAMOST)
09.04.2019 Paweł Pietrukowicz
New picture of the Milky Way
16.04.2019 Alex Gormas-Matamala
Univ. Valparaiso
Self-consistent Solutions for Line-driven Winds of Hot Massive Stars: The m-CAK Procedure
30.04.2019 Agnieszka Słowikowska
UMK Toruń
What can we learn from the polarimetric studies of neutron stars and white dwarfs?
Maj / May 2019
07.05.2019 Marek Szczepańczyk
University of Florida, USA
Searching for gravitational waves from core-collapse supernovae and extracting physical information.​
14.05.2019 Michele Armano
Towards a Gravitational Wave Observatory in Space: LISA and LISA-Pathfinder
21.05.2019 Gabriela Navarro
U.Catholica, Chile/U.Sapienza,Italy
VVV Survey microlensing events
28.05.2019 Krzysztof Belczyński
CAMK Warsaw
The origin of low effective spins, high BH masses, and O1/O2 rates in LIGO/Virgo binary black hole mergers
Czerwiec / June 2019
04.06.2019 Iair Arcavi
Tel Aviv University, Israel
New Ways of Doing Time-Domain Astronomy: Supernovae, TDEs and Gravitational-Wave Followup
11.06.2019 Juan Garcia-Bellido
Universidad Autonoma, Madrid, Spain
Primordial Black Holes