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Pazdziernik / October 2020
20.10.2020 Bangalore Sathyaprakash (Penn State, US)
YouTube recording
A panorama of gravitational-wave astronomy
27.10.2020 Chris Belczyński (CAMK, Warsaw, PL)
YouTube recording
Astrophysics with LIGO/Virgo Gravitational-wave Detections
Listopad / November 2020
3.11.2020 Tomek Bulik (OAUW, PL)
YouTube recording
New results from Ligo-Virgo Collaboration
10.11.2020 Michał Bejger (CAMK, Warsaw, PL)
YouTube recording
Enhancing Gravitational-Wave Science with Machine Learning
17.11.2020 Małgorzata Curyło (OAUW, PL)
YouTube recording
Gravitational wave search with Pulsar Timing Arrays
24.11.2020 Agata Różańska (CAMK, Warsaw, PL)
YouTube recording
Supermassive black holes in the eye of ATHENA telescope
Grudzień / December 2020
1.12.2020 Andrzej Pigulski (Uni.Wroclaw, PL)
YouTube recording
UVSat - photometric observatory in ultraviolet
8.12.2020 Aleksandra Hamanowicz (STSI, Baltimore, USA)
YouTube recording
The MUSE-ALMA Halos - Understanding the quasar absorbers in a multi-wavelength survey
15.12.2020 Timo Prusti (ESA)
YoutTube recording
New Gaia Data Release EDR3
22.12.2020 Laurent Eyer (Geneva Obs, CH)
YouTube live and recording
Gaia and variable phenomena
Styczeń / January 2020
12.01.2021 Jan Skowron (OAUW, Warsaw, PL)
YouTube recording
Reddening Maps of the Large and Small Magellanic Cloud based on OGLE-IV Red Clump Stars
19.01.2021 Monika Mościbrodzka (Radboud University, NL)
(no YT streaming)
A polarimetric view of black hole accretion flows and jets
26.01.2021 Agnieszka Słowikowska (UMK Toruń)
YouTube recording
New polarimetry instrument and its first results (TBC)
Marzec / March 2021
2.03.2021 Przemek Mróz (Caltech, USA)
YouTube recording
Seeing the unseeable: Searching for Free-floating Planets with the OGLE data
9.03.2021 Scott Gaudi (Ohio State, US) YouTube recording The Roman Galactic Exoplanet Survey
16.03.2021 Amelia Bayo (Univ.Valparaiso, Chile) YouTube recording NPF: planet formation combining theory, observations and instrumentation
23.03.2021 Etienne Bachelet (LCOGT, USA) YouTube recording Detection of cold planets and stellar remnants in the entire Milky Way: the OMEGA Project
30.03.2021 Kevin B. Burdge (Caltech, USA) YouTube live and recording Shedding light on millihertz gravitational wave sources
Kwiecień / April 2021
13.04.2021 Krzysztof Goździewski (UMK Toruń) The orbital architecture and debris disks of the HR 8799 planetary system
20.04.2021 Steven Parsons (Univ. Sheffield, UK) YouTube recording Post Common Envelope Binaries: Laboratories for binary, stellar and planetary science
27.04.2021 Alessandro Sozzetti (INAF, Torino, Italy) YouTube live and recording Exoplanetary Science with Gaia: DR2, and Beyond
Maj / May 2021
4.05.2021 Jessie Christiansen (NASA Exoplanet Science Institute) YouTube recording Towards an Exoplanet Demographics Ladder
11.05.2021 Joanna Drążkowska (LMU Munich University Observatory) YouTube recording Changing paradigms in planet formation
18.05.2021 Tsevi Mazeh (Tel Aviv University) YouTube live and recording Duration Variation of the Kepler Transiting Planets as a Possible Probe of the 3-D Structure of Multiple Planetary Systems
25.05.2021 Andrzej Niedzielski (UMK Toruń) YouTube recording Planets around red giants
Czerwiec / June 2021
1.06.2021 Igor Soszynski (OAUW) YouTube live and recording Eppur si muove... Binarity as the Origin of Long Secondary Periods in Red Giant Stars
8.06.2021 Ewa Szuszkiewicz (Univ.Szczecin, Poland) YouTube live and recording On the early phases of the evolution of planetary systems: Orbital migration and its consequences

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