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05.10.2021 Michal Drahus (UJ, Krakow, PL) YouTube Interstellar vagabonds in the Solar System. Part I. 1I/'Oumuamua
12.10.2021 Szymon Kozlowski (OAUW) YouTube Rocks from space
19.10.2021 Krzysztof Murawski (UMCS, Lublin, PL) YouTube Towards realistic numerical simulations of a partially-ionized solar atmosphere - plasma heating and outflows
26.10.2021 Neha Singh (OAUW) YouTube Exploring compact binary populations with Einstein Telescope
02.11.2021 Agnieszka Kryszczynska (UAM, Poznan, PL) YouTube Small bodies near and far
09.11.2021 Bryan Holler (Space Telescope Science Institute, US) YouTube Exploring Our Solar System with the Nancy Grace Roman Space Telescope
16.11.2021 Lukasz Tychoniec (ESO, Garching, GE) YouTube Chemical map of the Solar System analogues in the making: ALMA paves the way for JWST
23.11.2021 Bernhard Schulz (Deutsches SOFIA Institut, NASA, GE) YouTube Observing with the Stratospheric Observatory For Infrared Astronomy (SOFIA)
30.11.2021 Edyta Podlewska-Gaca (UAM, Poznan, PL) YouTube Asteroid observations on VLT/SPHERE telescope
07.12.2021 Hannah Calcutt (UMK, Torun, PL) YouTube Chemical variability across the Galaxy
14.12.2021 Anna Losiak (ING PAN, Wroclaw, PL) YouTube Impact craters: what happens when an asteroid hits the Earth?
21.12.2021 cancelled
11.01.2022 Krystian Ilkiewicz (OAUW) YouTube Accretion processes in cataclysmic variables with TESS
18.01.2022 Ulrich Kolb (Open University, UK) YouTube Monitoring tasks with small-aperture autonomous robotic telescopes-the case of asteroid phase curves
25.01.2022 Tomasz Zajkowski (NASA Ames Research Center, USRA, BMSIS) YouTube Theories of the origin of life and the applications of synthetic biology in space.
01.03.2022 Paulo Miles Paez (ESO, Munich, GE) YouTube Atmospheric characterization of ultra-cool dwarfs
08.03.2022 Henryka Netzel (Konkoly Obs., HU) YouTube Asteroseismology of stars from the classical instability strip
15.03.2022 Ilknur Gezer (Warsaw/Konkoly, HU) YouTube Early recognition of Microlensing Events from Archival Photometry with Machine Learning Methods
22.03.2022 Zsofia Nagy (Konkoly Observatory, Hungary) YouTube Follow-up observations of Gaia alerted young eruptive star candidates
29.03.2022 Janusz Pętkowski (MIT, US) YouTube Venusian Cloud Anomalies and the Search for Signs of Life in the Clouds
05.04.2022 Edita Stonkute (Vilnius University, Lithuania) YouTube High-resolution spectroscopic follow-up of known exoplanet-hosts and candidates: star-planet connection
12.04.2022 OGLE 30 years YouTube Special Seminar to mark the 30th anniversary of the OGLE project
26.04.2022 Giovanna Tinetti (UCL, UK) YouTube A chemical survey of planets in our Galaxy with Ariel
10.05.2022 Leigh Fletcher (University of Leicester, UK) YouTube Giant Planet Atmospheres: From Juno, to JWST, to the Ice Giants
17.05.2022 Gerry Gilmore and Gudrun Tausch-Pebody (Uni.Cambridge, UK) YouTube Early light-bending tests of General Relativity.
24.05.2022 David Heyrovsky (Charles University, Prague, CZ) YouTube From Exoplanets to Exomoons: Gravitational Microlensing with Three-body Lenses
31.05.2022 Cezary Migaszewski (UMK, Torun, PL) YouTube Searching for Planet Nine – Experimentum Crucis for the Dark Matter Hypothesis
07.06.2022 Shude Mao (Tsinghua University, China) (no YouTube) Exosolar Planets with Gravitational Microlensing
14.06.2022 Katarzyna Kruszynska (OAUW) YouTube Gaia DR3 and Gaia Science Alerts in the hunt for galactic black holes

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