Postdoctoral researcher needed!

Polish-Lithuanian Black Hole Hunt

DAINA NCN grant, Jan.2019 - Dec. 2021

In our project aim at finding the first examples of single black holes in the Milky Way using gravitational microlensing technique. We are going to use Gaia space mission superb astrometry in order to measure the masses of lenses and to recognise massive and dark ones. However, Gaia data requires to be supplemented with ground-based photometric and spectroscopic long-term observations. In this project we are going to exploit the data from Gaia and coordinate and use a network of telescopes from around the globe in order to collect a vast data set of well-observed microlensing events from the entire sky. The project is operated in co-operation with the Vilnius University, Lithuania.

The tasks for the postdoctoral researcher:

Main requirements:

The post is for 3 years beginning 1. January 2019 at the Warsaw University Astronomical Observatory, Poland. Salary around 6000 PLN (brutto), around 1400 euro per month.

Required documents: cover letter, CV with publication list, Copy of the PhD diploma, two letters of recommendation sent to the PI, Lukasz Wyrzykowski (lw AT

Applications are accepted until 1st December 2018, or until the position gets filled.

More details from Lukasz Wyrzykowski, lw AT

updated 2018 Nov 9