ASAS overview

This is the old ASAS interface, referencing data that were partly corrupted due to the RAID failure. Please use new ASAS home: for accessing current ASAS data. Data on this new web page come from the independent reduction process, which led to slightly different photometric values. Although we tried to do the best some problems with their quality exists (e.g. data with underestimated luminosity due to obscuration by dome or shutter). We'll try to eliminate them.

The All Sky Automated Survey

The All Sky Automated Survey is a project which final goal is photometric monitoring of approx. 10^7 stars brighter than 14 magnitude all over the sky. The initial idea for the project is due to Prof. Bohdan Paczynski of Princeton University. The prototype instrument, located at the Las Campanas Observatory (operated by the Carnegie Institution of Washington), and the data pipeline were developed by Dr. Grzegorz Pojmanski (mail) of the Warsaw University Observatory.
The project is supported by a generous gift from Mr. William Golden to B. Paczynski. It is a pleasure to acknowledge the on site assistance by the OGLE observers.

Low cost prototype system ASAS-1, ASAS-2 was replaced by the ASAS-3 system, that consists of two wide-field 200/2.8 instruments, one narrow-field 750/3.3 telescope and one super-wide 50/4 scope, each equipped with the Apogee 2Kx2K CCD camera, locataed in the custom made automated enclosure (shown in front of the Polish Telescope in the photograph).

ASAS-3 results:
The ASAS-3 Catalog of Variable Stars containing over 10,000 eclipsing binaries, almost 8,000 periodic pulsating and over 31,000 irregular stars found among 15,000,000 stars on the sky south of the declination +28.

ASAS 2 results:
Data obtained in the years 1997-2000 are now available as:
The ASAS-2 Photometric I-band Catalog - giving interactive access to > 50 milion measurements of > 140,000 stars;
Sky Atlas - graphic interface to the I-band Catalog and
The ASAS-2 Catalog of Variable Stars containing over 350 Periodic and 3500 Miscellaneous variables. The ASAS Gallery presents collection of the variables' light curves.

Below current coverage of the ASAS-3 system is shown in galactic coordinates: