Privacy policy

Astronomical Observatory of the University of Warsaw, Al. Ujazdowskie 4, 00-478 Warsaw. The address of our web page is: https://www.astrouw.edu.pl/

Web pages of the Observatory serve academic, informational, educational, organizational and scientific reach out purposes. It is not our goal to gather information about users nor to track in any way.

However, the technical conditions of operation of this service require us to remember some small bits of information about any visit (so called: logs) and to leave a trace of the visit or preferences within the web browser (cookie files).

Cookie files used by astrouw.edu.pl web page

We use cookie entries to save web page preferences (eg. fonts, langiages, show content, forms settings) and the information if the cookie message was accepted by the user. In some portions of the web page which allow for user log in, we use cookies to remember that the user is logged in and has access to the given content. We can also serve and unique, random, short-lived identifier not to count the given visit twice.

Internal server log files

The IP address, timestamp, type of program used and the address of the web page visited or a downloaded file is kept in the internal log files of our server. These are standard information that facilitate the server administrators with routine maintenance, debugging, planing on technical solutions and cyber attack prevention.

Embeded content from other web pages

The articles on this web page can include other content (eg. Youtube clips). The embedded content from other websites behave in analogous way as would behave if the user directry visited the given website.

Other websites can gather information about you, use cookie files and include additional, third-party trackers. Also can monitor your interactions with the embedded material, including tracking of your interactions with the material, if you are logged in to the given website.

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