Tuesday Seminars

Every Tuesday at 4 pm in the N. Copernicus Lecture Hall.
Students of all grades are welcome.
Drinks and cookies are served before the Seminar at Observatory 2nd floor.
Full list and archive of the seminars
Please contact Prof. Lukasz Wyrzykowski (lw AT astrouw.edu.pl) for details. 

15.11.2022 Etienne Bachelet (IAP Paris/IPAC NASA Caltech) First results from the OMEGA Key Project (YouTube)
22.11.2022 Oliver Newton (CFT PAN) Exploring the Local Group with constrained simulations (YouTube)
29.11.2022 Maciek Wielgus (MPIRA, Bonn) Event Horizon Telescope observations of Sagittarius A* (YouTube)
06.12.2022 Pierre Fleury (IAP, Paris) Cosmic shear with Einstein rings
13.12.2022 Katie Vandorou (U.Maryland/NASA Goddard) Measuring the Masses of Microlensing Events with Keck
20.12.2022 Martyna Chruslinska (MPA, Garching) Chemical evolution of the Universe and its consequences for gravitational wave astrophyscis
10.01.2023 Jakub Klencki (ESO, Garching) Massive stars in nearby dwarf galaxies: key to the origin of black hole mergers
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