Tuesday Seminars

Every Tuesday at 4 pm in the N. Copernicus Lecture Hall.
Students of all grades are welcome.
Drinks and cookies are served before the Seminar at Observatory 2nd floor.
Full list and archive of the seminars
Please contact Prof. Lukasz Wyrzykowski (lw AT astrouw.edu.pl) for details. 

28.05.2024 Jan van Roestel (Uni.Amsterdam) Gravitational wave astronomy with the BlackGEM optical telescope array and other survey telescopes (YouTube)
04.06.2024 Dorottya Szecsi (UMK Torun) IN PERSON The dirty secrets of stellar evolution modelling (YouTube)
11.06.2024 Tanja Petrushevska (Uni.Nova Gorica) Strongly lensed supernovae: the past and the future
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