Technical and administrative staff

The telephone exchange waits on +48-22 553-05-07.

Technical staff

 E-mail addressInternal number
/room number
mgr Przemysław Mikołajczykmikolajczyk AT astrouw.edu.pl 


Administrative staff

Position E-mail addressInternal number
/room number
Head Accountantmgr Ewelina Pabianepabian AT astrouw.edu.pl109
Administrative assistantmgr Magdalena Semeniukmprokurat AT astrouw.edu.pl109
Manager of the observational station in Ostrowikmgr Monika Sitekmsitek AT astrouw.edu.pl107
Administrative assistantRafał Szczucińskirafals AT astrouw.edu.pl109
Research Administration Managermgr Joanna Udalskajoanna AT astrouw.edu.pl118

IT support

 E-mail addressInternal number
/room number
Jakub Sucheckijsuchecki AT astrouw.edu.pl111
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