PhD recruitment 2024

University of Warsaw Astronomical Observatory
invites candidates for doctoral studies in astronomy
at the Doctoral School of Exact and Natural Sciences
University of Warsaw

The University of Warsaw Astronomical Observatory is a leading astronomical institution in Poland. It has a high global position in the field of large-scale photometric sky surveys thanks to the OGLE and ASAS projects conducted for over twenty years. Our staff also actively participates in such renowned global projects as HESS and CTA (high-energy observations), LIGO/VIRGO (gravitational waves), and satellite missions such as Gaia (mass astrometry, transient phenomena).

PhD students at the Observatory have the opportunity to collaborate with an outstanding scientific team and actively participate in projects conducted by the UW Observatory or within the framework of international cooperation. They publish papers in reputable astronomical journals and present their results at international scientific conferences.

According to the new law on higher education and science, since 2019, astronomical doctoral studies at the University of Warsaw are conducted within the Doctoral School of Exact and Natural Sciences and last 4 years. UW PhD students will now receive a scholarship of 4242 PLN gross (before the mid-term evaluation) and 5340.90 PLN gross monthly (after the mid-term evaluation).

Those interested in undertaking doctoral studies are requested to contact potential supervisors, according to the following list of proposed topics. Registration and application submissions is ongoing from May 6 and will last until June 17. Full schedule and detailed instructions on the Doctoral School website: Recruitment 2024/25

Additional information: Doctoral School of Exact and Natural Sciences

(worth checking for new/updated topics)

List of topics:

  • Searching for sources of gravitational waves

Supervisors: Prof. Tomasz Bulik (tb at astrouw.edu.pl)
or Dr. Dorota Rosińska, Prof. UW (drosinska at astrouw.edu.pl)

  • Binary star systems and microlensing

Supervisor: Dr. Radosław Poleski, Prof. UW (rpoleski at astrouw.edu.pl)

  • Numerical simulations of astrophysical sources of gravitational waves

Supervisor: Dr. Dorota Rosińska, Prof. UW (drosinska at astrouw.edu.pl)

  • Investigating binarity in LSP stars

Supervisor: Dr. Dorota Skowron, Prof. UW (dszczyg at astrouw.edu.pl)

  • The Gaia space mission as a tool for studying dark matter in the Galaxy

Supervisor: Prof. Łukasz Wyrzykowski (lw at astrouw.edu.pl)

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