E-mail account remote access

Users (research staff, doctoral students) can use their Observatory e-mail remotely by:

  • e-mail client, e.g. thunderbird – only with encrypted SSL connection (POP3, IMAP)
    Configuration details depends of a software but general parameters are:
    1. Server – mail.astrouw.edu.pl
    2. Server type – POP3 or IMAP
    3. Secure connection – SSL
    4. Secure authentication – NO
  • any WWW browser, e.g. Firefox, Chrome, Edge – at the URL:
  • NEW! RoundCube webmail is available for testing at the URL:

In any case you should use your system username and a special password created in advance.

The password for a remote e-mail access can be set after logging into sirius. Please use a command:

$ sudo mailpw

Firstly type a general system password (for sudo authentication) and then enter e-mail password twice (must be different from the system password!)

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