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Date: 19.12.2023

Marcin Gawronski (UMK, Torun)

FRB observations in the Piwnice Observatory

Fast radio bursts (FRBs) are short-lived (microseconds to milliseconds) transient bursts of radio waves of usually distant, extragalactic origin. Since the discovery of the first FRB in 2007, and their confirmation as an abundant extragalactic population in 2013, the study of these sources has expanded at an incredible rate. Despite more than 700 FRBs discovered to date, their origin and nature are among the hottest topics in modern astrophysics. The Toruń radio telescope is heavily involved in FRB observations, with about ~50% of observing time devoted to various programs. During a short presentation, I will show some of the latest results and discuss our prospects for the near future.


Dr. Marcin P. Gawroński, deputy director of the Institute of Astronomy of the Nicolaus Copernicus University. Co-author of the EVN white paper "VLBI20-30: a scientific roadmap for the next decade -- The future of the European VLBI Network". He is an experienced user of radio interferometric systems (a member of the EVN Programme Committee) and one-dish observations of various types. Main scientific interest: Fast Radio Bursts, magnetic activity of low-mass stars, exoplanet radio emissions.

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