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Date: 27.02.2024

Karolina Dziadura (PhD candidate,Uni.Poznan)

Determination of physical and dynamical properties of asteroids observed by the Gaia mission

Asteroid studies are pivotal in unravelling the mysteries of the Solar System's formation, as well as understanding planetary systems and Earth's water origins. This research focused on determining asteroid sizes through occultation data and devising an effective method to leverage the precise Gaia DR2 and DR3 asteroid data for analyzing the Yarkovsky effect. By incorporating Gaia's extensive asteroid astrometry data alongside radar and ground-based observations, this study delves into orbit computation with a focus on detecting non-gravitational transverse accelerations. A novel weighting scheme for astrometry, considering various observational factors, is introduced and validated through meticulous verification methods. Furthermore, the research pioneers a new approach to utilize occultation data, accounting for its uncertainties, in asteroid size determination. The precision of Gaia's stellar measurements has revolutionized the observation of occultation events, enabling a deeper understanding of asteroid characteristics. Particularly in the context of potentially hazardous asteroids (PHAs), accurate size and orbit determination are imperative for impact monitoring. Ultimately, the analysis of the Yarkovsky effect on asteroids allowed for determining their densities, providing crucial parameters for understanding the physical properties and evolution of these minor celestial bodies.

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