Szczegóły seminarium

Data: 28.11.2023

Mariusz Slonina (Sybilla Technologies)

Monitoring of space debris - challenges, problems and Polish specialization

Satellites are essential to our daily lives. Maps, weather forecast, tourism, climate monitoring or crisis management - we demand satellite services to work without interruption, 24/7. But the Earth's orbit became crowded. The number of active satellites is rapidly growing, the need for collision avoidance services arises, the problem of space debris became more prominent. To solve this issue, one must first know the orbital position of space junk, and - building up on the astronomical heritage, Polish institutions and companies became a reliable partner and data provider in this area. In my lecture, I'll present how we deal with space debris observations, what are our operational constraints and challenges and how the newly launched Polish Space Agency Optical Network boosts the topic.
Mariusz Slonina is a Space Safety expert working in Sybilla Technologies. He has been involved in a multitude of European Space Agency and commercial projects within the Space Surveillance and Tracking domain, focused on ground segment utilization, sensor network operations and management, astronomical algorithms, data processing and analysis, leading to Space Traffic Control services. Recently, responsible for deployment, on-site integration and commissioning of the 12 telescopes of the Polish Space Agency Optical Network dedicated to tracking of satellites and space debris.

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