Seminaria wtorkowe – pełna lista

03.10.2023 Pawel Pietrukowicz (OAUW) OGLE - 30 years after the first microlensing event (YouTube)
10.10.2023 Suhani Gupta (CFT PAN Warsaw) Non-linear density fields in modified gravity cosmologies (YouTube)
17.10.2023 Bryn Haskell (CAMK Warsaw) Astrophysics with continuous gravitational waves (YouTube)
24.10.2023 Chandra Shekhar Saraf (CAMK Warsaw) Testing cosmological models through cross-correlation between CMB lensing and large scale structure. (YouTube)
31.10.2023 no seminar
07.11.2023 Nuria Miret Roig (Vienna University) The origin of free-floating planets (YouTube)
14.11.2023 Jadwiga Daszynska-Daszkiewicz (Wroclaw University) A need to revise stellar opacities from seismology of delta Sct and SX Phe stars (YouTube)
21.11.2023 Pawel Swaczyna (CBK Warsaw) Our Interstellar Neighborhood: Observations of Interstellar Matter in the Heliosphere (YouTube)
28.11.2023 Mariusz Slonina (Sybilla Technologies) Monitoring of space debris - challenges, problems and Polish specialization (YouTube)
05.12.2023 no seminar
12.12.2023 Radek Poleski (OAUW) Disciplinary Proceedings Against Warsaw Astronomers for their Activities During World War II (YouTube)
19.12.2023 Marcin Gawronski (UMK, Torun) FRB observations in the Piwnice Observatory (YouTube)
09.01.2024 Pawel Szewczyk (PhD candidate, OAUW) Are hypermassive neutron stars dynamically stable? (YouTube)
16.01.2024 Malgorzata Curylo (PhD candidate, OAUW) Multi-messenger studies of massive black hole binaries (YouTube)
23.01.2024 Marcin Wrona (PhD candidate, OAUW) Eccentric ellipsoidal variables (heartbeat stars) in the OGLE project (YouTube)
27.02.2024 Karolina Dziadura (PhD candidate,Uni.Poznan) Determination of physical and dynamical properties of asteroids observed by the Gaia mission (YouTube)
05.03.2024 Dawid Mozdzierski (Uni.Wroclaw) Variable stars in open clusters - the tool for understanding the structure and evolution of stars (YouTube)
12.03.2024 Aleksandra Olejak (MPIA, Garching) Fingerprints of binary star interactions in the parameters of binary black hole mergers (YouTube)
19.03.2024 reserved (TBC)
26.03.2024 no seminar
09.04.2024 Marzena Sniegowska (Tel Aviv Univ.) The challenges of the modelling Changing Look Active Galactic Nuclei and nuclear transients phenomena (YouTube)
16.04.2024 Andrzej Pigulski (Uni.Wroclaw) Legacy Survey of Space and Time (LSST) (YouTube)
23.04.2024 Richard Anderson (EPFL, Lausanne) Towards a direct 1% measurement of the Hubble constant using standard candles (YouTube)
30.04.2024 no seminar
07.05.2024 Agnieszka Janiuk (CFT PAN) Viscous torque in turbulent magnetized AGN accretion disks and its effects on EMRIs gravitational waves (YouTube)
14.05.2024 Elena Pancino (INAF, Arcetri) StarDance: the non-canonical evolution of stars in cluster (YouTube)
21.05.2024 Raphael Oliveira (OAUW) Star clusters as valuable tracers of their host galaxy (YouTube)
28.05.2024 Jan van Roestel (Uni.Amsterdam) Gravitational wave astronomy with the BlackGEM optical telescope array and other survey telescopes
04.06.2024 Dorottya Szecsi (UMK Torun) The dirty secrets of stellar evolution modelling
11.06.2024 Tanja Petrushevska (Uni.Nova Gorica) Strongly lensed supernovae: the past and the future
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