Seminaria wtorkowe – pełna lista

11.10.2022 Andrzej Udalski (OAUW, Poland) OGLE is back! (YouTube)
18.10.2022 Dominika Król (UJ Krakow) Gravitational Microlensing Events in the Optical Lightcurve of Active Galaxy S5 0716+714 (YouTube)
25.10.2022 Ilaria Caiazzo (Caltech, US) Ultra-massive, magnetized, double-faced: studying exotic white dwarfs with ZTF and Gaia (YouTube)
08.11.2022 Kailash Sahu (STScI, Baltimore, US) Studying White dwarfs and Black Holes Through Astrometric Microlensing (YouTube)
15.11.2022 Etienne Bachelet (IAP Paris/IPAC NASA Caltech) First results from the OMEGA Key Project (YouTube)
22.11.2022 Oliver Newton (CFT PAN) Exploring the Local Group with constrained simulations (YouTube)
29.11.2022 Maciek Wielgus (MPIRA, Bonn) Event Horizon Telescope observations of Sagittarius A* (YouTube)
06.12.2022 Pierre Fleury (IPhT/Saclay, Paris) Cosmic shear with Einstein rings (YouTube)
13.12.2022 Katie Vandorou (U.Maryland/NASA Goddard) Measuring the Masses of Microlensing Events with Keck (YouTube)
20.12.2022 CANCELLED
10.01.2023 Jakub Klencki (ESO, Garching) Massive stars in nearby dwarf galaxies: key to the origin of black hole mergers
17.01.2023 Antoine Merand (ESO, Garching) Interferometric observations of microlensing events (YouTube)
24.01.2023 Marek Kowalski (DESY, Berlin) Realtime multimessenger astronomy with IceCube & ULTRASAT (YouTube)
21.02.2023 no seminar (Copernicus Day)
28.02.2023 Marek Szczepanczyk (Uni.Florida) TBA
07.03.2023 Dominique Meyer (Potsdam) The circumstellar medium of massive stars
14.03.2023 Konstantin Batygin (Caltech, US) Planet Nine from Outer Space
21.03.2023 slot available
28.03.2023 Mirek Giersz (CAMK, Warsaw) TBA
04.04.2023 Alex Markowitz (CAMK, Warsaw) Insights into X-ray-Selected AGN Transient events from eROSITA's All-Sky Surveys
18.04.2023 slot available
25.04.2023 Yannis Liodakis (Univ.Turku) Radio-loud AGN in the discovery era of X-ray polarimetry
09.05.2023 Nadia Blagorodnova (Uni.Barcelona) Insights on binary common envelope evolution with luminous red novae transients
16.05.2023 Martyna Chruslinska (MPA, Garching) Galaxies, binaries and gravitational waves
23.05.2023 slot available
30.05.2023 slot available
06.06.2023 slot available
13.06.2023 slot available
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